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The International Map of Mascots


Just for fun, our resident AI artbot (Bing Image Creator) imagined the national animals of various countries dressed up in their smartest national dress.

So far there are 75 mascots mapped. It turned out that creating these mascots takes quite a bit of time, more mascots and content will be added in future updates.

This map demonstrates the features available in Map Channels version 9 which is a free mapping tool that lets you create and edit your own maps to share with others.

There is also a guide here that details the process used to create AI generated map markers.

These images were generated using this prompt :

A Pixar model of {animal} dressed in {country}'s flag and traditional clothing | 3D | clothes cinematic lighting | colourful hues | octane rendering | full body shot | white background

Thanks to Maps Mania with help on this project !