Welcome to Map Channels v9


• A simple mapping tool to create and manage your Google maps.

• Integrated map editor : Create, update and delete place listings.

• Define place categories using custom markers.

• Import and Export KML data. Import Google My Maps data.

• Customize the behaviour and appearance of your map.

• Display Street View imagery.

• Business / Point of Interest markers can be shown or hidden.

• Share your map by linking or embedding.

• Your map can include a banner with a link to your website.

30 July 2023 Update

A number of new features have been added to Map Channels version 9.

• A control to toggle visibility of business / point of interest markers.
• A control to enable geolocation.
• When geolocation is enabled the distance and heading is displayed in info windows.
• In the info window there is now a Street View and Directions link.
• A control to select the previous, next or random place.
• A control to hide or show the index sidebar.

There is a new demo map available : The International Map of Mascots


Map channels v9 is currently at the beta phase and contains only basic features.

More advanced features will be added in future updates.

More Mapping Tools

Visit the main Map Channels site for more free mapping tools.

Get Started

Log in using your free Map Channels user account.

Go to the Dashboard and click the 'Create New Map'' Link.

On the 'Create New Map' page enter a title for the map (optional).

Supply an initial KML feed or start with an empty map. (There is a sample KML on the demo page).

Click the 'Create Map' button.

The Map Editor page will now load. Here you can add and edit places, change map settings and share the map.


This map of New York Landmarks demonstrates some of the available features.

New York Landmarks